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Your Business is Our Business!

For all your funeral policies and funeral services.

Contact them at: Tel:(028)425 3525 (Office)

                                 084 410 0411 (Policies)                                   071 420 0059 (After Hours)

All Saints Funeral Services

(42 All Saints Road, Bredasdorp)

They are the Auto Electrical specialist!  They do air cons, starters, alternators, basically everything needed for your motor vehicle.

Contact them on Tel: (028) 312 1231 or email them at

Overstrand Auto

(10 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria, Hermanus, 7200)

A baby care, creche and aftercare centre for children. Babies are welcome from any age. Children between the ages of 2 and 6 years will attend school. Primary children will be collected from the primary school for after care with reliable transport. Lunch will be provided.

Please contact us on (028) 316 2057 or emil us at

Paddakoor Akademie

(Long Street,Sandbaai,7200)

For all your automotive needs.

Contact us on Tel:(028) 312 4928 or 076 969 8328

A. White Auto Shop

(Mimosa House, 10 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria)

We have fish, birds, small animals and snakes. What we don't have, we will get for you!

Contact us at Tel:(028) 316 2026 or 082 067 4085

1st For Pets

(Inside Superplants Park, Sandbaai)

We do vehicles, superbikes,  motorcross, quads and accessory fitments.

Contact Rudolph at 082 313 6847 or email us at

Extreme Service Centre

(Unit 2, Argon Business Park,Argon Street,Hermanus)

Good service is hard to find. Here you can find mechanics, lawyers even funeral services that has passed our strict procedures to pass as some of the best services in Hermanus. If you would like to list your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For all your service needs, contact these businesses below

Services in the Overstrand

Be pleasantly surprised by Overberg Car Parts! They stock new and second hand parts for all vehicles and any accessory you can think of for your vehicle. If they do not have it, the very friendly Willie, Herbert or Naomi will find it for you!

Please visit them at 13 Mimosa street, Hermanus Industrial, Hermanus or contact them  at (028) 313 1258.

You can find them on facebook at

Overberg Car Parts

(13 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria)

Van Dyk Loots Attorneys is a well-known legal firm in the Overberg and situated in Hermanus. With many years of experience, we strive to deliver professional, efficient and cost effective legal services to every client.

Visit us on

Van Dyk Loots Attorneys

(Aberdeen Street 3, Hermanus, 7200)

For all your courier needs do not hesitate to contact them.

You can contact them at Tel: 082 839 3516 or email them at

Netwerk Koeriers

(10 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria, Hermanus, 7200)

Field Services - Onsite; Engineering on premises.

We supply a wide range of consumables such as bolts, nuts, fittings, hoses, etc.

         Contact us on Tel: (028) 312 2169

Hyco Hydraulics Engineering

 (Shop 17, 9 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria)

We specialize in: Spraypainting, Buffing, Panelbeating, Everyday scratches and Auto Electrical.

         Contact Clinton at 082 724 1063

Auto Repairs

(Mimosa Street, Hermanus)

Customized lucky packets to suit your needs. We also sell wholesale and in bulk!

Contact us on:072 180 4571 or 072 386 0311

Find us on facebook: Lucky Packets

Rainbow Lucky Packets

For all your funeral policy and funeral needs.

Contact us at Tel: (028) 313 2292

                          084 410 0411 Policies

                                 079 264 2596 After Hours

Overstrand Undertakers

(2 Arum Road, Hermanus Industria)

Specialist in panelbeating, spraypainting, rust removal and customizing.

Contact us at Tel: (028) 313 2112 or 071 429 9471

Mavericks Panelbeaters

(14 Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria)

We do vehicle repairs, services and maintenance. We also will do your roadworthy!

Contact Willie on 076 975 6442

Ven Van Motors

(Nr 6 Mimosa Park, Mimosa Street, Hermanus Industria)